Adult Counselling and Therapy

What is Individual Psychological Therapy?

Psychological Therapy is the process of exploring, with a professional, difficulties that one might face. There are many different ways of conducting Psychological Therapy and the Psychologists at Vivamus aim to tailor their approach to meet an individual’s unique needs. The models of therapy used by Vivamus Psychologists include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), systemic, psychodynamic and humanistic.

These models have been heavily researched and found to be effective in treating a wide range of problems. The frequency and length of therapy are decided by client and therapist, and the therapeutic process is collaborative.

How Relationship Counselling and Couples Therapy can Help You

Many people would agree that loving relationships can be amongst the most fulfilling and wonderful experiences that we can have.

But things can go wrong, for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes problems and difficulties in our relationships can lead to turmoil, sadness, and varying degrees of discomfort, possibly anger, and other harmful emotions amongst couples.

Experience tells us that relationship counselling, or couples therapy, where the problems are discussed together as openly as possible with expert psychologists, can go a long way towards solving or perhaps re-framing their difficulties, and therefore helping couples to enjoy their relationships fully again.

Couples can of course face a very wide variety of problems, including those relating to sex, parenting, separation, family difficulties, and many others.

Vivamus psychologists use a variety or combination of very successful forms of counselling and therapy which are tailored to each individual couple.

Often two psychologists are present, one acting as the lead and the other as a consultant – this highly collaborative approach can lead to huge insights being gained by the couple which will help them to make significant progress.

Psychological Effects of Redundancy and Uncertainty at Work

Vivamus Psychologists recognise that redundancy and subsequent unemployment can have a detrimental effect on self-esteem and well being. In this current climate many people are affected by redundancy, downsizing, restructuring and redeployment and Vivamus Psychologists are trained to provide support in response to these particular pressures. The psychological effects of redundancy range from low self-esteem and difficulty adjusting to more severe effects on people’s mental health. In direct response to the prevalence of such issues Vivamus Psychologists have developed a redundancy package which aims to alleviate the psychological effects of redundancy and organisational change.

Vivamus Psychologists’ Redundancy Package

Comprising Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and based in various locations across London, Vivamus Psychologists are well placed to recognise and respond to the psychological effects of redundancy. Aspects to our approach include:

  • Dealing with the threat and uncertainty of organisational change
  • The effects of redundancy and organisational restructuring on self-esteem and identity.
  • Redundancy as a catalyst for change
  • Redundancy and stress
  • Redundancy and mental health

We offer individual and group psychological interventions aimed at addressing the issues identified above. Our treatment approaches are heavily researched and found to be effective in treating the psychological consequences that may occur as a result of redundancy.

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