Counselling and Therapy for Children and Young Adults

Vivamus have psychologists who are are trained to work with children, providing expert counselling and therapy to help them with the difficulties they can face.

We understand how child counselling works best.  Children are not merely young adults, or adults in waiting – due to their maturity, life experiences, emotional makeup, and unique perspective on life, the difficulties that they sometimes face can be very different to those that adults encounter.

The counselling and therapy that our highly skilled child psychologists provide for children can take many forms – which technique(s) we use will vary depending on the child and their individual circumstances.  We tailor all of our child counselling treatments for maximum effectiveness, our aim being to help the child, and their family, come to terms with their difficulties and help them to make changes and at the same time make progress.


All Vivamus psychologists are registered with the Health Care and Professions Council and hold a practising certificate through the British Psychological Society and are bound by the society’s code of conduct and ethical principles.

Arrange a Consultation

If you would like to arrange a consultation in London, Brighton, Jersey or The Netherlands, or for further information please contact us by filling out this quick enquiry form. If you’d like to contact us an alternative way, please visit the contact page.