Skype Sessions

When you can’t travel – Skype might be the alternative …

However important the meeting is, it’s not always possible to get there.  There could be all sorts of reasons – last minute childcare issue, car won’t start, family emergency, lost keys, health or mobility problems – or it may simply not be possible on an ongoing basis.

The good news is that with modern technology we can provide online counselling and therapy using Skype.  Skype is an online application enabling people to have conversations – and see one another using webcams – over the internet.  It’s also possible to exchange text and video messages, files and images.  You can find out more information by clicking the following link:

What is Skype?

Because you can see one another (providing you both have webcams) you can have a much more personal conversation than you can with a simple phone call.  That said, it’s not for everyone.  Setting aside the technology, some people simply won’t like to chat over the internet, they would prefer to do it live.

The advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and how suitable it would be for the individual, will be discussed with the client – and we’ll ensure that the the most effective and accessible approach is provided. In doing so, we aim to deliver professional and effective online counselling.

Your complete confidentiality will of course be respected at all times.


All Vivamus psychologists are registered with the Health Care and Professions Council and hold a practising certificate through the British Psychological Society and are bound by the society’s code of conduct and ethical principles.


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